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Active with ABC&123

Push aside your desks and get up from your seats! The ACTIVE WITH ABC & 123 materials will inspire you to dive into the world of letters and numbers - in an active and interactive way, by gaming and playing, jumping and balancing!

The alphabet and number mats included in the material provide endless opportunities for the utilisation of movement, play, and activity as supports for learning. In addition to ready-made games, play activities, and tips for action, the material will also facilitate making up your own games and applying them in many ways as a part of the teaching of children of different ages.

The English language material is well-suited for e.g. all English-speaking pre-school, primary, and special needs education, language teaching, early childhood education, as a stimulus for physical education, and in various children's club activities.

Hakusanat: leikki liikunta englanti

Material contents:

-45 non-slip game mats (diameter 20 cm), including
the English alphabet with movable initial characters corresponding to the letter of the mat
the numbers 0 to 12 and an amount of fruits and vegetables corresponding to the number
-6 game elements (start, stop, toll the die, don't roll the die, plus, minus)
-A booklet with instructions for over 20 learning games and play activities that take place on the floor

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Active with ABC&123
 Active with ABC&123

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